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Why YouTube Can’t Fix Your Back Pain

The internet is an amazing resource. How else would I be surviving early parenthood right now? (Kudos to those of you who were parents before the internet was a thing). The problem is that there is so much information out there that it can be difficult to find the answers you are looking for. The answers to relieve your low back pain that you have been suffering with.

I always ask my clients what they have tried so far and one of the most common things I hear is:

“I watched a lot of YouTube videos.”

“Did those videos help you?”

“Eh, not really.”

Here are a few reasons why watching rehab videos on YouTube won’t fix your back pain.

​Individual Differences

​There’s one thing that a YouTube or Google search can’t really take into account: you as an individual. Every case of low back pain is different. What bothers one person won’t necessarily bother another person. Pain triggers can be vastly different for everyone. One major key to relieving back pain is identifying and removing painful triggers.

​The Type of Injury

There are many reasons why you could have back pain and they will all require a slightly different approach. If you go on YouTube and search “exercises for low back pain”, you will end up with generic exercises that promise you “instant relief” but oftentimes include ones that will make your back pain worse.

Here at Limitless Performance Physical Therapy, we determine which activities and movements are contributing to your back pain and try to avoid them in the short term while things heal. (Don’t worry, later on we reintroduce them!) We will also work with you to determine the best exercises that work for you.

The Dosage is Wrong

Usually one of two things happens when you look up exercises online. One is that there is no guidance at all on how many sets or reps to do and you are completely lost on what to do. The other scenario is they give clear guidelines on how much to do, but it is either too much and it flares things up or it’s not enough and does nothing for your pain. We work with you to determine how much to do and how frequently you should do it.

​If your back pain is keeping you from staying active or affects your quality of life and you want help taking care of it for good, then click the link below to request a FREE Phone Consultation so we can get to the bottom of your low back pain!


Dr. Brett Dick

PT, DPT, Owner of Limitless Performance Physical Therapy

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