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3 Exercises for Golfers with Low Back Pain

Nothing puts a damper on golfers like low back pain. With the repetitive motion of the golf swing, it is no surprise that back pain is common in golf. Luckily it is rarely a serious issue and, as physical therapists, we can help treat it!

Main Causes of Low Back Pain in Golf

​It’s all in the hips. One reason that you may get an achey back is from poor hip mobility. Meaning that if your hips are not rotating properly, it will put more stress on the low back.

Another reason is poor mobility at the upper back and shoulders. Some of the rotation in your swing also needs to come from the upper back rotating. Our upper back is better at rotating than our lower back.

Lastly, core weakness could be an issue. We are putting the demand for a lot of forces to transfer from the hips up into the shoulder to swing that club. That means the core needs to be strong and stable.

3 Exercises to Help

1. ​Thoracic Rotation – Thread the Needle

2. ​Standing Hip Internal Rotation Dynamic Stretch

3. ​Bird Dog

Still Having Lower Back Pain?

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