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What Pillow Should I Use When I Have Neck Pain?

​So, you have neck pain. You think it may be because of your mattress or pillow. You just can’t get comfortable at night, but don’t know what pillow to buy to fix it. You’ve tried multiple different pillows and can’t find the right one to help with your pain.

When your neck hurts, the area of discomfort isn’t always where the problem is. Sometimes it’s just the light on the dashboard that tells you that there is a problem somewhere. It could be an issue below the neck, at the upper back or shoulder.

Many of our clients with neck pain, headaches, and herniated discs ask us what the best mattress or pillow is for their neck. We tell them that there isn’t one best pillow. A pillow is not going to fix a movement problem at the neck or wherever the real area of problem is.

We suggest finding whatever is the most comfortable position to sleep in. Avoid any positions that exacerbate (make worse) the symptoms. We also advise coming in for a Discovery Visit to discover what the real problem is so that you can sleep comfortably again and get your day off to a good start with a good night sleep. We will let you know exactly what is going wrong and get you started on the best path to end your neck pain.

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