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Don’t Fear the Deadlift: Alternatives for Back Pain

​There are a lot of misconceptions about deadlifting. A lot of people in a variety of medical professions will tell you that deadlifting is dangerous and bad for your back.

It’s actually the opposite, deadlifts are used as a treatment for low back pain. It helps to build resilience in our backs and the confidence to live our lives without fear of injuring ourselves when we bend over to pick something up off the ground.

With that said, if someone is going through a bout of low back pain, they may be sensitive to conventional deadlifts. Here are some variations that may be more comfortable for you.

​Sumo Deadlift

​Comparing the sumo deadlift to a conventional deadlift, we are in a more upright position. This position takes some stress off of the low back muscles.

​Block Deadlift

​Simply changing the height of the bar can make a huge difference for some people. Shortening the range of motion is a simple adjustment to make and can easily be progressed by decreasing the height as your back pain begins to subside.

​Is back pain preventing you from participating in your favorite activities or sports?

Do you just want to workout, go for a run, or even play on the floor with your kids without suffering later?

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Trap Bar

​The trap bar has a couple different benefits. It puts us in a more upright position, taking stress off the low back. Also, the placement of the handles puts our hands in a neutral position, which makes it easier to activate your lats. The lats play an important role in supporting the low back.

Landmine Deadlift

​The landmine setup provides a little more support than other barbell variations, so that most of the focus can be placed on activating the proper muscles.

​Single Leg Deadlift

​Single leg variations can be beneficial because they are loaded with less weight and require more core control. They can help build stability before working back into conventional deadlifts. If these are too difficult, keeping the back leg on the ground and performing a kickstand deadlift can be a great place to start.

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