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Choosing the Right Physical Therapist

What do you think about when choosing a physical therapist to work with? Do you go somewhere just because it’s close to your work/home? Is it because your physician just told you to go to a certain place? Do you base it on whether or not they take your insurance? All of these reasons are fine to consider, but there are more important things to factor into your decision.

​Do They Listen?

I’m pretty confident in betting that you have come out of an appointment with a medical professional where you didn’t feel heard. At Limitless Performance Physical Therapy we spend an hour with you each session, so we have plenty of time to listen. We want to hear your story and know what your goals are.

​Do They Understand Your Sport?

​If your physical therapist tells you that running is bad for you or you should stop squatting, then it is time to find a new PT. The goals of an active person are going to be different than an office worker, so work with a PT that can safely get you back to what you want to do. We work with runners, weightlifters, and athletes all the time.

​Are You Getting an Individualized Plan?

​Every session should be different. Too many times I hear someone say that they were doing the same exercises in every PT session. There should be some type of progression from one session to the next. Also, at Limitless Performance Physical Therapy there are no cookie cutter approaches. Our treatment focus is on what impairments you have, so it is possible for someone to come in with the same type of injury and have a different plan.

Are You Getting Enough Time With a Qualified PT?

​If the majority of your sessions consist of riding a bike, laying on a table with heat and stim, some massage, and ice to end, then you aren’t getting the care you need. There’s nothing wrong with these in isolation, but when your treatment is all passive (things being done to you) it is likely that your treatment is missing some major pieces. Your care should also be provided by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. No one should be working with you if they do not have some type of credentials that allow them to legally provide care.


If you are wondering if Limitless Performance Physical Therapy is the best fit for you, we offer Free Discovery Visits! This gives you an opportunity to meet us and see the clinic before we get started. We will also get an idea of what is going on and start a plan of how we can help you take care of it.

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Dr. Brett Dick

PT, DPT, Owner of Limitless Performance Physical Therapy

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