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6 Common Back Pain Myths

​Posture Causes Back Pain

​I’m sure you’ve heard this before, maybe even from your mom. Well recent research says this is just not true. There is no inherently bad posture. You can sit up stiff as a board and still end up in pain. A new phrase that I agree with is “your best posture is your next posture.”  The real problem is when you spend too much time in one posture. Don’t be afraid to sit or stand a certain way, just think about it and change it up when that posture becomes uncomfortable to you.

​No Heavy Lifting

​It isn’t necessarily how heavy the load is that you are lifting, it is more about how you lift it that can be the problem. It is better, if possible, to lift with the back relatively straight (this will be slightly different for everyone). This means you probably shouldn’t lift things with your back rounded like a cat. Deadlifts are actually a great exercise for low back pain, you just have to do it properly. If it isn’t possible to lift something with your back straight because of the shape of the object, try bracing the core in the slightly rounded or arched position.

​Rest is the Best Thing for a Bad Back

​Resting for more than a day is rarely beneficial. The best thing to do is move. A walking program alone can be very helpful in reducing back pain. Get up and walk for as long as you can tolerate every couple hours. I wrote another blog post on this if you are interested in learning more about why you do not need rest for an injury.

​I Just Need to Get an “Adjustment”

​An adjustment or spinal manipulation can provide some short-term relief for some people, but it is not a quick fix answer to low back pain. The key here is that it may provide relief in the short-term. Exercise is often more effective at treating low back pain, as well as determining the root cause of the pain. If you go to a chiropractor or physical therapist that only adjusts or manipulates your spine, then you need to find a new provider. Unless you want to be reliant on them for the rest of your life.

​I Need an MRI

​I hear this all the time. Want to hear something crazy? In most cases you do not need to get an MRI for back pain. Why? Because you can take people off the street with no history of low back pain and there’s a high chance that their MRI would show a bulging disc or two. Read that last sentence again. Take the flip side of it and look at someone with back pain, their MRI may not show anything. The findings on an MRI do not correlate to whether someone is in pain or not.

​Herniated Discs Need to be Surgically Repaired

​This one could be explained just by looking at the previous myth, but there are people that have a disc bulge and are in pain. The good news is that more than 90 percent of herniated discs get better on their own with short rest and conservative treatment. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal and this is true when it comes to discs. Studies show that conservative treatment for low back pain (i.e. rest, exercise, walking) is as good or better than surgery. It’s also a lot better on your wallet.

​What Do I Do Now?

​If you are dealing with low back pain and are searching for answers to relieve it, then fill out this form to find out if we can help you. If you know someone else that can benefit from this information, then please share it with them.


Dr. Brett Dick

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