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4 Tips for Training Around an Injury

​Whether you train for bodybuilding, powerlifting, a sport, or just for fun, chances are you have developed some kind of injury in the past. But don’t let that keep you out of the gym. We don’t want to make things worse, but there are ways to train without aggravating your injury.

​Lower the Weight

​Sometimes pain can set in if the weight you are trying to lift is too heavy. It could be that you’re compromising your form or your body just isn’t ready to handle those higher weights at the moment. Drop the weight and see if it reduces or eliminates your pain.

Modify the Range of Motion

Having shoulder pain with bench press? Do a floor press. Is your hip pinching with deep squats? Do some box squats. Training within a pain free range of motion is a great strategy because you will still get some benefits of the exercise. As the injury improves, then look at adding in more range of motion until you get back to the full movement.

​Change the Movement

If modifying the movement does not work, change the exercise. If your back hurts when back squatting, then try a front squat. If your shoulder hurts when overhead pressing, try an incline press. Assess alternative exercises and see if it’s more comfortable. Just make sure that you’re using good form with the new exercise.

Get Help Sooner Than Later

Some of the people that finally come in to see us wait until the injury gets worse, but the problem is that the recovery process will typically take longer. Also, don’t let it get to the point where it prevents you from training altogether. Getting help sooner will get you back to exercising pain free more quickly, so that you can keep working towards your goals! We can give you guidance on how to implement these tips for training around injuries and get you where you want to be faster than you likely would on your own.

​If you have been struggling with an injury and want to find out if we can help you, then we can do it for free with one of our discovery visits. We want to make sure that you will benefit from our services before you spend a dime. These visits are very limited, so click the button below to request yours now!



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