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3 Reasons For Knee Pain When Running

​Have you ever struggled with knee pain during or after a run? Something that doesn’t stop you from running, but just starts as a nagging pain right in the front of the knee and slows you down?

​Knee pain for runners is unfortunately a very common occurrence. There can be many different reasons why. Here are three of the most likely causes.

1. ​Doing Too Much

​If you have large spikes in mileage, then your body may not be equipped to recover properly leading to tissue damage and pain. Mileage should be increased incrementally and tapering periods should be scheduled.

2. ​Poor Recovery

​A lot of people say “I’ve been running the same mileage for years, why did I get hurt all of a sudden?” Training doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are a lot of things that play into injuries and improper recovery is a big one. Not getting enough sleep, not eating enough (especially protein), or not taking enough rest – to name a few.

3. ​Muscle Imbalance or Weakness

​The hip controls the knee, so if the muscles used to stabilize the knee are not able to do their job, then it will put unnecessary pressure on the knee. If there are imbalances or mobility problems elsewhere, then it can cause changes in running patterns, in turn leading to damage to the knee. This is the biggest area that we address by strengthening the muscles that are called upon in running, building core strength and stability, and improving running patterns.

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Dr. Brett Dick

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